How well do you know Manheim?

Here is the answer key for our How well do you know Manheim quiz on Facebook.

Photo 01 – Brick House Cafe

60 N. Main Street, Manheim, PA 17545, 717- 665-5588

Open Mondays - Saturdays for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many of the coffee shops in the area offer Free WiFi to customer and during the warmer months enjoy dining outdoors.

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Photo 02 – Fasig House

30 E. High Street, Manheim, PA 17545, 717- 665-7989

Open to the public on Sundays from 2-4 pm from May through August. Lancaster County is full of many additional museums.

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Photo 04 – Cat’s Meow Restaurant

215 S. Charlotte Street, Manheim, PA 17545, 717-664-3370

Cat's boasts a roaring 20's dining experience.  Many of the Lancaster County restaurants also include a separate bar and pud or outdoor dining options.

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Photo 05 – Jubilee

27 East Ferdinand Street, Manheim, PA 17545, 717-664-0435

Jubilee store supports those transitioning out of prison by providing quality pre-owned reasonably priced clothing, shoes, books, toys, small furniture, and housewares.  Antique shopping is another popular activity in the Lancaster area.

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Photo 06 – Manheim Community Library

15 East High Street, Manheim, PA 17545, 717-665-6700

The Manheim community library has so many activities for kids, families and adults. There is so much to see and do for kids and families in the Lancaster area.

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Photo 07 – Lancaster Inn & Suites at Kreider Farm

1475 Lancaster Road (Route 72), Manheim, PA 17545, 717-665-5440, 877-720-1202

Surrounded by lush farmland, you'll love our county. Visit website.

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Photo 08 – SBC Brewsmiths

2775 Lebanon Road (Route 72), Manheim, PA 17545, 717-665-7021

SBC Brewsmiths driven by love of beer, brewing and community.  Visit website

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Photo 09 – The Booking House

The Booking House, 210 South Penn Street, Manheim, PA, 17545, 717-664-0503

The Booking House is a beautiful warehouse for hosting a wedding reception or any number of events.  Variety is the best way to describe all of the banquet and wedding reception options around Lancaster.

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Photo 10 – Kreider Farms Farm Tour

1467 Lancaster Rd. (Route 72), Manheim, PA 17545, 717-665-5039

Tour a working Dairy farm. There are numerous ways you can explore what this area has to offer from factory or plant tours, to group tours.

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Photo 11 – Twin Kiss

309 S. Main St, Manheim, PA 17545, 717-665-2897

If you're looking for an ice cream parlor open all year, Twin Kiss might be just what you's looking for.  Kids of all ages love to eat out. Here are some other options for Family & Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Lancaster

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Photo 12 – Stiegel Glassworks

210 S. Charlotte Street, Manheim, PA 17545, 717-940-1382

Studio hours are limited to the last 2 weeks of the month, Tuesday through Saturday 10am – 3pm. There are many fine gift shops throughout the Pennsylvania Dutch Country offering crafts, gifts, and collectibles.

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Photo 13 – Manheim Ambulance Building

26 E High St, Manheim, PA 17545, 717-665-2904

Current home of the Manheim Ambulance and EMS, but not for long. The current Northwest Emergency Medical Services and Manheim Veterans Memorial Ambulance will be merging in the near future.

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Photo 14 – Hampton Inn Manheim

2764 Lebanon Road, Manheim, PA 17545, 717-665-6600

The Hampton Inn Manheim hotel is located off the Pennsylvania Turnpike and across from the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.  There are numerous community fairs and festivals taking place around Lancaster County all year long.

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Photo 16 – Town Clock

E High and S Main Streets, Manheim, PA 17545

The Town Clock that stands in the mini park is manually wound once a week, to keep its correct time.  Each of the Towns around Lancaster County have so many little tid-bits and fun-facts to learn.

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