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Lancaster PA Small Businesses – Surviving Coronavirus

This coronavirus pandemic has devastated our country.  It’s amazing to consider how drastically different our lives have become after just a couple of weeks. And many families are suffering because of this virus.

Small businesses have also been hit hard, both here in Lancaster and around the country.  Some businesses are struggling to even survive.

Helping Lancaster County Businesses Survive and Thrive

What can businesses do to survive now and even (dare we say it) thrive after this quarantine ends? We have pulled together a number of ideas and free resources from local sources that might help your business. Now’s your chance to get a jump on your competition.


Content Regarding the Coronavirus and Lancaster County:

Lancaster & the Coronavirus | Things To Do at Home During Quarantine
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Lancaster Businesses: Special Offers | Gift Cards | Online Stores
Strengthen Your Business
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Strengthen Your Current Sales Channels


Ecommerce – Strengthen your online store and your product descriptions. Or add online shopping if you don’t already. Look for ways to connect to Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, or other online networks for wider exposure. Here are some companies promoting their online shopping opportunities.

Sell Gift Cards Online – Make gift cards or gift certificates available for customers to buy now. Any sales now mean current cash flow for future services once you reopen. Every little bit helps. Many Lancaster businesses sell their own gift cards now.

Discount Offers and Sales – People are home now and many are shopping online. What sale or special offer can you share online? We can help promote it for you.

Offer Take-Out Meals – Restaurants, cafes, and bars can still sell takeout meals. Streamline your current full menu to concentrate on your most popular selections. You could also offer delivery through Grubhub, Doordash, or other delivery services. We can list you for free here.

Add Unique Videos to your Website – How about a behind the scenes video or some other perspective that will help customers see you from a different perspective? Promote upgrades or changes to your business. Interesting video subjects or humorous situations can go viral and promote your business at the same time.

Social Media Marketing – People that share social content can improve their presence online. Offer helpful and valuable content for your customers instead of just selling your company. What do your customers or prospects need right now? Watch this short video from Adam Grimm (Sparrow Websites) and Kris Bradley (NameSpark)

Free Listings on Our Coronavirus pages – We created a number of coronavirus pages on our website both to help people cope with the quarantine at home and to support Lancaster businesses. If your business offers anything in any of these areas, we can promote you for free. Look over these pages, then contact us:

Strengthen Your Business Now for the Long Term

What can you do now to strengthen your business so you can hit the ground running once businesses
re-open? Here are a few suggestions that might help you improve your presence for recovery and for the long haul:

Accelerate Tourism – This weekly meetup of tourism businesses and consultants is designed to help the Lancaster tourism community thrive after this challenge is over. They offer different speakers and topics each week related to tourism promotion. Register in advance for their weekly meetup every Friday at 11am.

Improve Your Website Content – Now is a good time to strengthen your online presence. Add more valuable site content, Add better photography, Update older content. And removing tired or old content may help your website rank better.

Add More Customer Reviews – Contact satisfied customer to add more good reviews for your company products or services. You can use Google Reviews, Yelp reviews, or add a Reviews or Testimonials page to your website.

Critique Your Website SEO – There are a number of solid SEO and Internet Marketing companies in Lancaster County. Now might be a good time to find local experts who could help your website rank higher and get a jump on your competition.

Pay Per Click Marketing & Retargeting – The rates have dropped for many cost per click categories online. Now might be a time to grab a bargain. Adam Grimm (Sparrow Websites) and Daniel Klotz (Evident) talk about this in their video.

Additional Business Marketing Resources

Accelerate Tourism Weekly Virtual MeetupsRegister in advance for the weekly meetups every Friday at 11 am, with different speakers and tourism marketing topics each week.

CARES Act – Be sure to investigate how the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”) recently passed by Congress can help your business.

Small Business Resources During CODIV-19 – This guide from YDOP offers resources and ideas to help you think outside the box.

What to Do When Business is Slow? – See this blog post from WebTek offering ideas to make your downtime productive.

Four Tips for Small Businesses During Coronavirus ShutdownAnother video from Adam and Justin at Sparrow Websites.

If Already Promotes Your Business

Many of our customers tell us they get more online traffic from than from any other website. Therefore, it’s important that you keep your information with us up to date.

If we are working with you already to promote your business, we have a number of free suggestions to help you improve your exposure now and your positioning for when your doors re-open again:

Critique Your Current Ads – Review your current ad descriptions and freshen up your photos. We can send you a link so you can easily review all your current ads and listings on, along with your free business page.

Additional Listings for Free –  We are constantly adding new content and pages to this website. Make sure we list you on every page that is relevant to your business. These additional listings and links are free and could send a lot of additional traffic your way.

Include Button Links – With every ad or listing on our site we can include button links to certain pages on your website so customers can quickly get the answers they want. We can include button links for your: Videos, Reviews, Map, Rates or Reservations, Business Hours, Menu, Events, or Coupon.

Your Free Business Page is Valuable – Many of our customers get more traffic from their business page than from any of their ads. This business page is a valuable resource for you. Review your page to make sure it is up to date and highlights your company’s major products or services.

Your Special Events – Our Events Calendar is active. You can include your main events here.

Free Blog Posts on Our Site – Write a blog post about something unique about your business or something of interest to the public and we’ll post it on this website for free.

Not Promoting Your Business Here Yet?Learn more about how can help your business.

Questions? – Please call us if you have any questions.

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Content Regarding the Coronavirus and Lancaster County:

Lancaster & the Coronavirus | Things To Do at Home During Quarantine
Restaurants Offering Take Out Meals | Lancaster Acts of Compassion
Lancaster Businesses: Special Offers | Gift Cards | Online Stores
Strengthen Your Business
Fresh Air:  Hiking Trails | Biking Trails | Horseback Riding Trails