The Flower and Home Marketplace Opens

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Flower & Home Marketplace Replaces Flower & Craft Warehouse

The building that used to house the popular Flower & Craft Warehouse in Blue Ball has been vacant since Flower and Craft closed last Spring. However, it is now re-opening with new owners and a new name – the Flower and Home Marketplace.

This will be exciting news for craftspeople throughout the region.  We have had numerous comments from loyal Flower & Craft warehouse customers who were so sorry to see that business close.  They’ll certainly be excited to hear about the opening of Flower & Home Marketplace!

Owners Ken and Audrey Mull are also the owners of Your Heart’s Delight by Audrey, a craft wholesaler in Lebanon, PA that serves 7,000 retail stores across the US and Canada. They also operate stands at Root’s and the Green Dragon Farmers Markets.

Their new building has 140,000 square feet of retail and wholesale space. It has undergone some renovations to accommodate the new store. While the new business has different ownership, it will be employing some of the previous staff from Flower & Craft Warehouse.



Flower & Home Marketplace Merchandise Categories

The new Flower & Home Marketplace will have seven categories of merchandise:

  • Silk & fresh flowers
  • Home décor
  • Craft supplies
  • Scrapbooking supplies
  • Candles
  • Wedding flowers and supplies
  • Personal accessories, including handbags and bath and body products

The retail space will also include a number of mock room arrangements to help customers better visualize how the store’s products will look in a home setting.

Store Hours and Grand Opening

The store will be open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. They will be closed on Sundays.

Their Grand Opening celebration is scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Monday of Columbus Day weekend (October 11-14).

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Flower & Home Marketplace

196 Broad Street
Blue Ball, PA 17506


  1. Sarah Colenda says:

    I am so happy to hear the warehouse is open for business once again…I bought picks there for years to decorate for Christmas and numerous other events that I volunteer for, its been difficult to find, wreaths, silk flowers and pics. I need to know when the shelves are stocked for Christmas… long list of wreaths to decorate this year.

  2. Your phone number is no longer in service, are you open?

  3. Linda Byrum says:

    Are you open now

  4. Can’t wait to see the new place

  5. shelley says:

    I went to the flower n craft warehouse back in 1999 and bought everything there for my wedding..except my dress. They had great prices and everything I needed for my wedding..I tried to go there today but realized it had been renamed and it was closed. I will definitely be stopping back to see What has changed n look forward to shopping there again..I’m so glad they are still there.. :)

  6. I have driven by what I thought was still the Flower & Craft Warehouse and just learned a few weeks ago that the name had changed and today that it’s under new managment. The last time I visited it was the Flower & Craft Warehouse back in March of 2013. It’s great to know that the place hasn’t closed down for good and I have to get down there and check it out since it’s only about a 1/2 of a mile west from me.

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