Good Wood – Quality Firewood for Sale in Lancaster, PA

Good Firewood

Good Wood

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Good Firewood Delivered in Lititz, Manheim Twp., & Lancaster County

Good Wood delivers quality firewood in Lititz, Manheim Township, and throughout Lancaster County at good prices and with friendly service. We sell fixed hardwoods, with the majority being oak. Our firewood has been split, stacked, and seasoned for over a year. We keep it covered to minimize moisture. Our firewood is dry and ready to burn.

People who have burned our wood in their fireplaces or wood stoves have said it burns better than any other firewood they have used. One customer’s “chimney cleaner guy” said, “Don’t change your source of wood, this is the cleanest chimney I have cleaned.”

Tree Removal

We will also remove unwanted trees for the wood, as long as they are not near power lines or buildings.

Good Firewood Delivery at a Good Price

The price is $200 for a pick-up truck load (not quite a cord). Or, a full cord is available for $225.00.  Both prices include delivery.

Stacking at your location is offered for an additional $40.

A box of kindling is also available for only $20.

Prompt & Friendly Service

We is located between Lititz and Lancaster, and offer prompt, friendly service.