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Ambassador Advisors, LLC

1755 Oregon Pike, Suite 100
Lancaster, PA 17601

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Dream More, Plan More, and Do More®

Ambassador Advisors is a team of financial advisors serving individuals, families, nonprofits, and small businesses from a Christian worldview. Our team of Certified Financial Planners (CFPs®), retirement planners, and estate planners are equipped to help you with everything from asset management to legacy planning. 

We specialize in Christian financial planning, providing Bible-based financial advice to help you be a better steward of your God-given resources. 


Individuals and Families

Financial planning can seem overwhelming. We’re here to help you make sense of it all and map out a strategy for you and your family. With proper planning, our team of Christian financial advisors can help you make all the phases of the Planning Life Cycle work well together, from wealth management and investment planning all the way to retirement and beyond. 

Wise stewards plan ahead. If you’re looking to retire in the future, retirement is already upon you! Our team of retirement planning professionals are here to help you with the maze of options you have. We help individuals establish retirement funds, plan how to wisely manage their assets, contribute to charities and their heirs, and make other sound financial decisions. 

Individual and Family Financial Planning



How can your organization create and then best utilize a planned giving strategy? That’s where we come in with nonprofit financial consulting. We’ll offer you the professional advice you’re looking for to capitalize on the wealth of gifts available – from inspiring donors, to benchmarking your nonprofit against others, designing a custom giving program, and educating your leadership on the opportunities available. Endowment planning, asset management, staff benefits, pensions, retirement plans… Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? We’re here to give your organization practical financial advice and walk with you through the process of setting these up and continuing them in the future.

Nonprofit Financial Consulting



With Ambassador Advisors as your company’s financial partner, you can focus on running your business, while not being distracted by ancillary items. Succession and business transition planning that we provide can help your business continue to have the legacy that you’re looking for it to have. Regulations regarding retirement plans and pensions for employees continue to get more complicated. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated team of pension and retirement consultants, designed to ensure that your business stays ahead of the regulatory curve, and gets the best plans and pricing available in this ever-changing environment. We’ll help you and your employees maximize tax efficiencies with company retirement plans, such as 401(k)s while staying in compliance with the law. We’re here to help you create a benefits package that will keep your best employees around. Group health insurance, disability, and long-term care insurance, as well as dental and vision plans, can all be a part of this package. Our professionals offer both consultation and product placement in these areas, and more!

Business Financial Planning



Serving Customers in Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida:



Our team of advisors serve clients throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida. Learn more about our service area here.

1755 Oregon Pike, Suite 100
Lancaster, PA 17601

New York:

For our New York customers, you can contact our Binghampton, NY or our Painted Post, NY offices.

1249 Upper Front St., Suite 108
Binghamton, NY 13905

283 S. Hamilton Street
Painted Post, NY 14870


In Florida, our customers can reach us at our Naples, FL and our Fort Myers, FL offices.

1415 Panther Lane, Suite 495
Naples, FL 34109

5237 Summerlin Commons Blvd, Suite 410
Fort Myers, FL 33907


Customers elsewhere are welcome to contact our corporate office in Lancaster, PA.

Learn more about our service area and see our office locations here.


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Ambassador Advisors, LLC

1755 Oregon Pike, Suite 100
Lancaster, PA 17601

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Individuals & Families     Nonprofits    Businesses     About Us      Meet The Team