Karen-make sure all take home restaurants are still open

Jen –

Pete – AACA

While stuck at home (or things to do during quarantine) – – Free resources    Free bible study resources  go out for ice cream
– check on neighbors and older relatives – run errands for them
– community service, such as Align minstries

read Steve YDOP emai;  Review online articles/suggestions

Small business support – Small business owners are responsible not just for their own employment and their family, but also for their employees and their families. That’s a heavy responsibility
– Employees can file for unemployment. Small business owners cannot
– regular monthly expenses for the business continue month to month whether there is income of not – rent, utilities, health insurance
– many employers are paying for some of their employees’ wages even if there is no work they can do.
– also, non-profits and ministries need help: AACA, Prima, Servant Stage, Water Street, Align Ministries


Finding Hope in the Chaos

A Christian Doctor Answer Questions About COVID-19

Daily through John

Not the “End Times”. I asked an employee at Burger King how she was doing, and she said fine. She was sure this wasn’t the time for the rapture, whatever that was. (It’s where Christians meet Christ in the air before the end of the age.) But what if this is the beginning of the end?  Are you ready to meet God? Or, to be judged by God?

No infected molecule can enter your lungs, or your three-year-old’s lungs, unless sent by the hand of a heavenly Father. The Heidelberg Catechism defines God’s providence as, “The almighty and ever-present power of God by which God upholds, as with his hand, heaven and earth and all creatures, and so rules them that leaf and blade, rain and drought, fruitful and lean years, food and drink, health and sickness, prosperity and poverty—all things, in fact, come to us not by chance but by his fatherly hand.”

Non-profits depend upon purchases and donations for their very survival. Prima, Align Ministries, Water Street Ministries.

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