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Coping with COVID-19 in Lancaster County, PA

We pray that none of you or your family members of friends get sick from this coronavirus.  But in the meantime, we are all quarantined at home as individuals or families.

But after a while don’t you start looking for something new to pass the time at home during this coronavirus quarantine? Well, here are a few suggestions.  And we invite you to send us your ideas to share, too.


Content Regarding the Coronavirus and Lancaster County:

Lancaster & the Coronavirus | Things To Do at Home During Quarantine
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Things You Can Do During the Quarantine

  • Amish Frm & House - PA Word of the DayLearn to Speak Like the Amish – During this closure we can’t visit the Amish Farm & House to learn about the Amish. So they are coming to you!  The Amish Farm & House offers a fun way to learn something new about our Amish neighbors. Each day they are posting on their website a new PA Dutch Word of the Day so we can all learn how to speak like the Amish.
  • Take a Break from Cooking – There are numerous local restaurants offering Take Home Meals. You can order online or by phone, and even have meals delivered to your home.
  • Support Your Favorite Small Businesses – Most businesses are closed for now. That means no income, no sales, and no way to pay employees to support their families.  Yet overhead expenses still continue. Many small businesses don’t operate on much margin. Having to close their doors, even for a short period of time, could jeopardize their survival. This may include some of your favorite local businesses. If you can, would you be willing to help?  Many local businesses have online stores where your purchases could be a big help. Or, consider purchasing gift cards to be used later once life returns to normal. Either way, these small sales could mean the difference between survival and going out of business.
  • Remember Your Favorite Ministry or Non-Profit – Many non-profits and ministries also have been forced to close their doors. But many of their expenses continue as usual. And some remain open through this ordeal.  Water Street Ministries continues to feed, house, and care for the homeless. Align Ministries delivers diapers, formula, and baby wipes to new mothers so they won’t run out. And so on. These and other ministries could also use your support.
  • 14 Things to Do During this Time of Social DistancingUnited Zion Retirement Community has supplied us with their list of 14 Things to Do During this Time of Social Distancing.  


Family Ideas to Survive the Quarantine

  • Children’s Book Reading OnlineHand-on House Children’s Museum is preparing an online video series of people reading books for kids. They are also preparing local coloring pages that kids will be able to download and color. Stay tuned for details.
  • Rent Children’s Equipment – If running out of options to keep your kids entertained, Little World Play is here to help! We are offering the rental of our single items for a couple of days for kids to play while staying at home! With no school and working from home, you need Little World Play equipment to keep your kids distracted in a fun way! Call us at 939-645-8578 or email us!
  • Lego Build ChallengeSnapology of Lancaster is offering a daily challenge for kids. There is a different Lego Build Challenge each day, such as Build an Amusement Park Ride, or Build a Boat That Floats, or Build Your Favorite Character. One winner is selected each day.
  • Hogwarts Digital Escape Room – A librarian at Peters Township Public Library near Pittsburgh has created Hogwarts Digital Escape Room. Families and individuals can compete against one another.
  • Build Your Own Digital Escape Room – Here’s a video to describe how you and the kids can create your own online escape room:

  • Game night – No, not video games. Remember the old style games that came in cardboard boxes? Yahtzee, Parcheesi, Clue, etc. This quarantine may even give you sufficient time for a Monopoly marathon! Play for an hour or so, but then leave everything set up on the table and return to it later.  We used to do that during summer months as kids.
  • Sock Wars – Everyone in the family gather up all their balled up socks and meet in the basement or family room or bedroom.  Choose up sides, or everyone for himself. Then fire away!  No one  gets hurt, and there always seems to be plenty of ammunition flying through the air. This was always a good time with our kids.
  • Indoor Basketball Challenge – Clear a room, set up the basketball hoop, then start your own one-on-one challenge. Our daughter’s boys did this. They set up brackets with different tshirts/jerseys playing against each other. (In one match college Jordan played against pro Jordan.)  They even broadcast this tournament live over Facebook, but you don’t need to go to that extent!

There are many options for a fun change of pace from the routine. Send us your favorites.


On The Lighter Side…

We certainly don’t mean to make light of this coronavirus. But this 14 second video does offer a unique perspective of life at home with the whole family.  (If you watch it multiple time, you’ll get the full affect!)


Content Regarding the Coronavirus and Lancaster County:

Lancaster & the Coronavirus | Things To Do at Home During Quarantine
Lancaster Acts of Compassion | Restaurants Offering Take Out Meals
Lancaster Businesses: Special Offers | Gift Cards | Online Stores