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“Amish Grace” Movie on Lifetime Network

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Hollywood has once again taken on story-telling within Lancaster’s Amish community.  The Lifetime Movie Network has produced the movie “Amish Grace”, which first aired over the Lifetime Network last Sunday evening to over four million viewers.  film is based on the book, Amish Grace: How … [Read more...]

Horse Drawn Sleigh Alert

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It's snow! Lancaster County is being hit by the same snow storm that's blasting the rest of the east coast. 5-6" so far where we are, and more on the way. This is the kind of snow that might bring out the horse drawn sleighs. Look for them in the Amish farmlands along our back country roads. Very … [Read more...]

Amish Barn Raising (continued)

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An Amish barn north of Lancaster, PA burned to the ground on Friday, September 25th.  Construction on the new barn began almost immediately.  We showed pictures of the construction progress three days ago. Here is what the new barn looked like yesterday, only one week after the original barn … [Read more...]

Amish School Shooting – Third Anniversary

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It was three years ago today that gunman Charles Roberts entered the Nickel Mines Amish School in rural Lancaster County.  In this tragic Amish school shooting, he shot to death five young girls and wounded others before killing himself. Some of the families who lost a daughter that morning have … [Read more...]

Amish Barn Raising In Lancaster County

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You've probably heard about the Amish and their work ethic.  How hard working they are.  How they pull together as a community to help one another during times of need.   There was a barn fire in Lancaster County last Friday, September 25, 2009.  Local volunteer fire companies arrived … [Read more...]

Amish School Shooting & Amish Forgiveness Books

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Books about the Amish School Shooting & Amish Forgiveness On October 2nd, 2006, Charles Roberts broke into the Nickel Mines Amish schoolhouse in Lancaster County, PA, where he subsequently shot and killed five school girls. The story of that tragic Amish school shooting made national news. But … [Read more...]

Amish Asked to Pick Up after Horses

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The above was the headline in a story from the Vernon Broadcaster in Vernon County, Wisconsin. It seems that some residents from the city of Viroqua have complained to local officials about horse manure on city streets. The city has asked a local Amish community elder “if the Amish could use a … [Read more...]

Seifert Column: Listen to this Amish Lesson

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The following blog comments were by Ken Seifert from Andover, MA ( "Since 1990 I have been very fortunate to have become good friends with an Amish family near Kinzers, PA. [Kinzers is about 10 miles east … [Read more...]