Hands-on House – Spring 2012 Schedule

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Hands-On House

Hands-on House – 2012

If you are only in the area for a few days or live in the area, Hands-on House Children’s Museum is a great activity for children.

Imagine, have fun, learn, and discover together. Explore interactive exhibits, experience a unique educational program, or visit the Play Garden.

Hands-on House offers classes and events throughout the spring.  Some events require a pre-registration and others are drop-in.

Here are some upcoming drop-in (no registration) events:

  • Clowning Around – Floppy shoes? Red noses? Big silly hats? The clowns must be in town. Take one home with you in this make it, take it workshop.
  • Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf – Jump into the pages of a favorite fairy tale as you help the three little pigs build their homes of straw, sticks and wood before the not too scary Big Bad Wolf tries to knock them down.
  • Zoo-rific – Does your favorite wild animal have claws? paws? scales? a tail? You are the zookeeper at the pretend Hands-on House Zoo.
  • Snakes Alive – Slither on over to create a mobile that will love to hang around your house.
  • Hocus Focus – Focus on fun as you discover whether some “eye-mazing” tricks are science or magic.

Here are some upcoming classes (registration required):

  • Blustery Day – Windy conditions are headed our way. Learning about the wind will be a breeze with a kite you make to take home for a “windful” day of fun.
  • Rainbow Magic – Where do all the colors in a rainbow come from? Experiment with light, water and paint to find out.
  • Dino Beasties – They roared! They stomped! They once ruled the earth. Make some egg-citing discoveries as we take a giant step back in time and make friends with baby dinosaurs in this class of prehistoric fun.
  • Let’s Get Cooking – Mmm…Do I smell bread baking? Roll up your sleeves and get ready to mix up some fun as we pour, measure, grate, scrub and shred some kid-tested recipes.
  • Slippery Fish and Other Swimmies – Why do fish go to school? Swimmy knows the secret. Move like a fish, breathe through gills and spout off like a whale in this class of under water discoveries.
  • Backyard Buzz – Buzz! Whirl! Zap! “Insect Inspectors” are needed to explore our meadow on an expedition to take a closer look at things that creep, crawl and fly. We will outfit you with all the gear needed to complete not only this safari, but the one you can take in your own backyard.
  • Bubbles…Bubbles…Bubbles! – Become a “bubbleologist” and join us in the HOH lab as we explore sinking, floating, fizzing, foaming and soapy solutions guaranteed to bubble over with excitement.

For an up-to-date list of events around town, check out our Events Calendar.