Ask a Pro: Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors

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Get Reliable Answers to 3 Common Questions About Replacement Windows and Doors   The cold winters and hot, humid summers we experience in Lancaster take a toll on our home’s windows and doors – the cold contracts materials and the heat expands it, which can lead to cracking and warping. Ultimately, this strain causes your windows […]

Ask a Pro: How To Care for an Older-Style Roof

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Lancaster County craftspeople are well known for their excellent work. We love living and working in Lancaster because of this deep-rooted history. It is inspiring to see the quality artisanship from the past that surrounds us here. This sense of history pushes us to produce great work. Historic homes present unique challenges, though. They need […]

Ask a Pro: Tips for Maintaining Your Lancaster County Lawn Equipment

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  Here in Lancaster County, our rich farming heritage has influenced how we take care of our home’s lawns and gardens. A quick drive through many neighborhoods in Lititz, Manheim, Mount Joy, and elsewhere and you’ll see lush, green lawns, well-kept flower beds, and not a leaf anywhere. To keep your lawn and property looking […]