Murder Mysteries Create Fun & Suspense in Lancaster County

Murder Mysteries in Lancaster – Help Figure Out ‘Whodunit?’

There is suspense, intrigue, and fun around every corner in Lancaster. Murder Mysteries are becoming more and more popular here. You can help solve whodunit at a number of local venues.

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Murder Mystery Dinner Theaters and Other Options

Lancaster offers a variety of murder mystery options from which to choose.

Murder mystery dinner theaters in Lancaster come in all sorts of different flavors. Take in the fun at a historic mansion, or solve the mystery over dinner on a moving train. Either way, you can enjoy a good meal while trying to crack a fun whodunit!

Another option is to participate in a full weekend event. And you can become one of the characters yourself. (Better brush up on your accent!)

You may also be interested in our lists of live theatres (including dinner theatres), other fun things to do, and our Calendar of Upcoming Events.

Current and Upcoming Murder Mysteries:

Murder Mystery Weekends at the Churchtown Inn

2100 Main Street,    Narvon, PA 17555,    800-637-4446,    717-445-7794

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Everyone Plays a Character. No script, but plenty of info for you to accuse, joke, bribe, flirt, and threaten! Take on a new persona as you find out WHODUNIT!  Choose your own date and bring a group of fourteen, or join a pre-scheduled date.  Visit Website