Murder Mysteries Create Fun & Suspense in Lancaster County

Murder Mysteries in Lancaster – Help Figure Out ‘Whodunit?’

There is suspense, intrigue, and fun around every corner in Lancaster. Murder Mysteries are becoming more and more popular here. You can help solve whodunit at a number of local venues. 

Murder Mystery Dinner Theaters and Other Options

Lancaster offers a variety of murder mystery options from which to choose. 

Murder mystery dinner theaters come in different flavors here. Take in a murder mystery dinner theater in a historic mansion.  Or, solve the mystery over dinner on a moving train. Either way you can enjoy a good meal while trying to crack a fun whodunit!

Another option is to participate in a full weekend event. And you can become one of the characters yourself. (Better brush up on your accent!)

Fun and suspense await. Are you up for the challenge?

Murder Mysteries - Can You Solve Whodunit?