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The following blog comments were by Ken Seifert from Andover, MA (

“Since 1990 I have been very fortunate to have become good friends with an Amish family near Kinzers, PA. [Kinzers is about 10 miles east of Lancaster city.]

“Christ, pronounced Chris, is the father of 10 children and the bishop of his community, His wife, Elsie, is the wonderful model of what a wife, mother and grandmother should be.

“On one of my visits I had the opportunity to share a conversation with Christ on the serenity and quietness of most Amish people I had observed. He is a very humble man and it was quite difficult to get him to talk about himself. I asked if he could tell me the reason for such characteristics…. He began by telling me there was a good reason why God gave us two ears and only one mouth. Yes, one should listen twice as much as one speaks. Then he gave me his blueprint for listening to people. When he meets people for the first time, he listens to whether the person is telling, sharing, questioning or just talking. I asked what does “just talking” mean. He said that is when a person is using words but saying nothing….. Christ said if a person is sharing and questioning then they are usually very nice people. If they are telling and talking then they probably have issues. He then cautioned me that one should be patient and see if there is a pattern to the way a person communicates. If however the person is a teller and a talker, then he gives them common courtesy. He would rather spend time with a sharer and questioner.

“I have applied the model many times since the revelation, and must say his observation about people by what and how they speak is right on the money…. As a devoted family man and one who recognizes the importance of community, I can say my association with that special Amish family has been life-altering.”


  1. Yes, I have noticed that the Amish question and then listen. They are very polite and sincere people.

  2. Excellent educational site. I’ve come to very much appreciate the seriousness and purpose with which these brothers and sisters live their lives as an accurate reflection of the Grace of God.

    “May we live our lives in such a way
    that others looking on
    may know we are just pilgrims
    in this place . . .
    – and as they behold the Salt and Light
    of Jesus in our lives,
    oh, may they come to see Him
    face to Face.”

  3. Michelle says:

    Thank you to the Amish Community. I belive that the world would be a better place if we all lived like the Amish

  4. Thank you for passing on this experience you had with the Amish man. I have always admired the Amish and their ways. If I never get to personally meet any Amish, this blog has been a good way to experience more about the Amish.

  5. Rodger Khim says:

    Just thought i would comment and say neat theme, did you code it yourself? Looks great.

  6. What a wonderful gesture toward the Amish community to write a blog about them. Thinking of others as more important than yourself is what Christianity is all about. I think the Amish would appreciate this.

    I do have a question – Would all Amish consider themselves of Dutch decent? Another way to ask my question: Are all Dutch also Amish? I think not, but not sure and was curious.

    Thanks for any insight you can provide!

  7. Sandra Tolman says:

    This is an amazing site! I wish I was born amish. They have the right mind set. I am sure the Lord is very proud of them. May the Lord bless them

  8. Amish Food says:

    This was a great article. The Amish lifestyle to me is amazing and i love living as clos as i do to the amish way of life

  9. crochetmum says:

    I am a fifty nine woman and have been doing crochet all my life, well just about. I use to live in Chesely ont and i too had amish family living down the road an neighbour for us. The are the most loving, caring and honish people and I am very proud of them. The have 8 children and the voices we heard is like angels singing.
    Well have to signed of
    bye for now

  10. blermamuccage says:

    Great affair, did not thought reading it would be so interesting when I saw your url!!

  11. Trooper Jon Smith says:

    I was checking information on the Amish incident from October 2nd, 2006 and came across this blog. I greatly appreciate the wisdom of the two ears and one mouth, listen twice as much as you talk.
    I was involved with the Amish incident as one of the Pennsylvania State Police Troopers and am proud to say that many of the families that lost children or had children injured that day I have come to know and admire. Their faith and forgiveness is remarkable. I always hope that they know and understand that we did the best we could that day.

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  13. Bleach Episode says:

    Hey the font is kinda small. I’m having to to do the scroll and hold ctrl thing so it looks bigger. Might just be my browser.

  14. forex robot says:

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  15. After visiting the Dutch Country twice in 2 months, I must say I am so very impressed and almost envious of the Amish lifestyle. I only wish more people in the world had a Christ like attitude and humility. It would make this world a more wonderful place to live. I wish I could spend a day with an Amish family and get to know them, I am so looking to simplify my life, and be around the country and horses. If PA wasn’t cold in the winter and snowy, I would move there, just to live in a peace loving community and have friends that you would love to call friends.

    • Thanks for your nice comments. Lancaster County is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Don’t let the snow scare you off. We don’t get that much. Average winter temperatures are low 30’s, so even when it does snow it usually melts away within a couple days. But the countryside is beautiful when it does snow. We’ll be posting a video from last winter soon, so stay tuned.

  16. I came across this website by error, but I believe it wasn’t a mistake. What a wonderful way Christ listnes to people. I will take his model and try to use it daily for myself while speaking with other people. I fear that maybe I am a “talker” and would much rather be a sharing person.

    Thanks for the article. I look forward to reading more.

    Scappoose, Oregon

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