Amish School Shooting – Third Anniversary

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It was three years ago today that gunman Charles Roberts entered the Nickel Mines Amish School in rural Lancaster County.  In this tragic Amish school shooting, he shot to death five young girls and wounded others before killing himself.

Some of the families who lost a daughter that morning have since given birth to new children.

The school was subsequently torn down and the ground plowed under to do away with the visual reminder of the tragedy.  A new Amish schoolhouse, the New Hope School, was built at a different location a few months later to serve the children in that district.

While this tragedy received national coverage, it was the subsequent story of Amish forgiveness toward the killer and his family that amazed so many people.


  1. Kathy Kier says:

    To the Amish: As time flies by on the wings of the wind; we think of you often and send you thoughts of goodness to lift the weight of pain.
    Your community, your actions, and the lifestyle of your entire group show the simplicity and goodness of life to the world. You were able to show light above the darkness that was cast into your world by the action of one person.
    Yea, ye were able to show the goodness of God’s love above your own personal grief by extending forgiveness.
    As time flows on through the seasons of life and change: your walking with and toward The Son has been able to cast the shadows behind you.
    You witness to the world a way to live Life. With the chaotic changes that have occurred in America and the world in the last two and a half years; your lives stand as a beacon of light for those lost in the darkness.
    May God Bless you all.

  2. Emilie Strimling says:

    Thanks for posting this, It’s just what I was looking for on yahoo. I’d much rather hear opinions from an individual, rather than a corporate site, that’s why I like blogs so much. Thanks!

  3. Kathy Kier says:

    To the mothers of the girls, the dads; the brothers, sisters, aunts:
    Your pain that you bore, the grief torturing every cell in your soul; the grief that God bore killing His One & Only Begotten Son–somehow it is part of the same. If we suffer with Him, we shall reign with Him.
    I do not mean to intrude, sound patronizing, or invade your privacy. Sometimes we do not know for a long, long time why we have had such pain & misery in our lives. Then, one day, we get an answer; a small piece of the puzzle that helps fill in the blanks..the unanswered questions.
    You raised a risen Christ to a lost, lost world. You portrayed the truth and gospel of His sacrificial Love to the dying sinners going to hell. Were ye able?

  4. Trish swift says:

    What a sic person to kill those innocent children. What a godly thing to be so forgiving.

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