New Spin on Lawn Mowing – Amish-Style

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How do you cut your lawn? Most of us use a gas power mower of some sort – usually a walk-behind version. Maybe you have a self-propelled walk-behind mower. Many also use riding lawn mowers.

Amish woman mowing her lawn.

Amish woman mowing her lawn.

Generally, the Amish use the old push mowers. You know, the reel mowers that do not have an engine. They are quiet, and they have less mechanics to break down. As one website describes them, they are “Fume-free, Noise-free, Hassle-free”. They are environmentally friendly – tree huggers love ‘em.

So do the Amish. That’s the kind of lawn mower you’ll usually see when you drive past an Amish home. Often it’s either the mother or one of the older children who have the responsibility for cutting the grass at an Amish home. (Notice this woman is cutting the lawn in her bare feet.)

Well, we have seen a new spin on Amish lawn mowers. This version combines modern technology (an engine) with old-world muscle power – it’s pulled by a horse. Now that’s a lawn mower with horsepower!


Horse-drawn Amish lawn mower.

Horse-drawn Amish lawn mower.

What creative innovations have you seen by the Amish?  What questions does this raise?  Tell us how we can help.


  1. This is very interesting. Now that’s a lawn mower with horsepower. I love that.

  2. I know the Mennonites can use mechanical devices. I get a few of the reel push mowers at my shop to sharpen every now and then.

  3. One of my co-workers was Amish and I lived next to their village before.

    Once I lived in Kiwi countryside, many people still cut grass with the old push mowers like that. However, it’s hard to understand sometimes why people like growing grass then spending time to cut them for nothing.

  4. The woman mowing her lawn must have green soles. : )

  5. Julianna Brewer says:

    Hi my name is Julianna Brewer and I’m very interested in the amish culture I love to read articles and books by Beverly Lewis on the plain life. I was wondering if anyone knew of a amish girl around fourteen who would like a pen pal to write to. If you knew of anyone it would be great if you could email me. Thank you so much!

  6. Today, not far from the Strasburg Rail Road attraction we saw an Amish boy weed wacking with a gas powered weed wacker…which has a modern engine. august 2011

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