Amish Barn Raising In Lancaster County

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You’ve probably heard about the Amish and their work ethic.  How hard working they are.  How they pull together as a community to help one another during times of need.


Amish Barn Raising in Lancaster PA

There was a barn fire in Lancaster County last Friday, September 25, 2009.  Local volunteer fire companies arrived quickly to battle the blaze, but there was no way to save the barn.  They were able to save the farmhouse and the other farm buildings and silos.

Amish Barn Raising image 2

Well, as I said, the Amish are hard working.  And fast!  These pictures were taken Thursday, October 1st, only six days after the fire.  As you can see, the new barn has already been framed and the roof is half finished.  Amazing!  (How long do you think it would take government bureaucracy to accomplish what these Amish did in six days?)

Amish Barn Raising image 3

Amish Barn Raising image 4

Amish Barn Raising image 5

For fascinating video footage of an Amish barn raising sequence, see the video “The Amish: Back Roads to Heaven”.  For more detailed information on the Amish people and their lifestyle, see our Amish Information pages.


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