Amish Barn Raising (continued)

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An Amish barn north of Lancaster, PA burned to the ground on Friday, September 25th.  Construction on the new barn began almost immediately.  We showed pictures of the construction progress three days ago.

Here is what the new barn looked like yesterday, only one week after the original barn burned down:

Amish Barn Raising image 6

And here is what it looked like today, only 8 days after the fire:

Amish Barn Raising image 7


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  67. How fun to find you! I have been enthralled with the Amish people for years; the service they give to one another and the character they display is truly God honoring. I feel they are the spiritual standard for all of us who consider ourselves Christian because they live their beliefs and are true to what they believe (even though it takes an outward “out-dated” form). I try really hard not to stare…but I do so wonder what each individual is like when you see a Mennonite (we don’t have Amish in New Mexico that I know of) family in Wal-Mart. I am going to read all your blog and come back and see you again!

    C. C.

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