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Mud Sales Are Coming Soon (Lancaster, PA)

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The mud sales in Lancaster County, PA are coming! The 2018 season will begin shortly. What is a Mud Sale? Mud Sales are fund raising events for many of the regional volunteer fire companies throughout Lancaster County. These are big events, often with multiple auctions taking place simultaneously for quilts, household items, crafts, furniture, tools, […]

Amish Buggy Doing Donuts in the Snow

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Here is a short video of an Amish buggy doing donuts in a snow-covered parking lot. I’ve seen cars do this before, but never an Amish buggy. He almost gets up on two wheels at one point.   Our Most Popular Amish-Related Pages: The Amish and the Plain People Amish Attractions in Lancaster County Amish […]

“One Light Still Shines: My Life Beyond the Shadow of the Amish Schoolhouse Shooting” by Marie Monville

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The Shooter’s Wife Recalls the Amish School Shooting Marie had just come from leading a Moms in Touch prayer meeting at church, praying for children at the local elementary school in Nickel Mines, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I had just poured myself a cup of coffee when the phone rang. I picked it up in the […]

Amish Romance Novels are Best Sellers

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Amish Fiction Books are Top Sellers Isn’t it ironic that a group of people who try to live their own lives as separate from the rest of society as they can keep becoming more and more popular in the mainstream society? Amish stories, Amish movies, and Amish television series (although these are ‘Amish’ in name […]

Photographing the Amish

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The purpose of this website is to promote Lancaster County as a great place to live and a fascinating place to visit. In doing that, we share a lot of information about the local Amish and their culture. When we cover the Amish, our desire is to do so in a respectful way that honors […]

Gordonville Spring Auction & Mud Sale

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The Crowds Turned Out for This Year’s Gordonville Auction While the Strasburg Spring Auction two weeks ago started with drizzle and colder temperatures, today’s weather for the Gordonville Mud Sale was absolutely gorgeous – sunny skies and temperatures approaching 50 degrees. And the warm temperatures brought out the crowds for what promised to be a […]

Strasburg Spring Auction & Mud Sale

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2013 Mud Sale Season Begins in Strasburg The 2013 Mud Sale season began today with…well, mud. The day began with a constant drizzle and temperatures in the mid 30’s. It didn’t take long before the grass became covered in mud. But otherwise the 39th Annual Spring Auction at the Strasburg Fire Company got off to […]

The Mud Sales are Coming!

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The Spring mud sale schedule is coming for Lancaster County fire companies. “What is a mud sale?“, you ask. Well, these are fund raising events for many of the regional volunteer fire companies throughout Lancaster County – Gordonville, Strasburg, Bird-in-Hand, Quarryville, and many more.  They auction off a variety of merchandise, from quilts and craft […]

Beverly Lewis’ “The Confession” – An Amish Love Story Continues

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  (Update – This show has been so popular that it has been extended through 2013.  Check the current schedule here.) It’s a hit!  Beverly Lewis’ “The Confession” debuted this year at the new Bird-in-Hand Restaurant Stage.  Now the show schedule has been extended through November of 2012. Beverly Lewis is a New York Times bestselling […]

New Spin on Lawn Mowing – Amish-Style

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How do you cut your lawn? Most of us use a gas power mower of some sort – usually a walk-behind version. Maybe you have a self-propelled walk-behind mower. Many also use riding lawn mowers. Generally, the Amish use the old push mowers. You know, the reel mowers that do not have an engine. They […]