Ad Specifications for

Image Specifications

Following are the sizes for each type of image ad on our website. If you don’t have editing capability, we can crop images for you. For Feature Image Ads you can include your logo or your name in the image.

  • Feature Image Ads – 705 x 300 pixels
  • Large Photo Ads – 225 x 150 pixels
  • Small Photo Ads – 165 x 110 pixels
  • Home Page Ads – 200 x 125 pixels

Which Image Should I Use?

The purpose of your ad is obviously to promote your business. But first you need to grab the viewer’s attention. Use an image that best reflects what you have to offer that potential customer. Think of their needs – what are they looking for?

For a more generic page, use a nice image that best reflects your business. For a more specific page, such as Kids’ Attractions or Amish Quilts or Hotel Suites or Fine Dining, people visiting that page are looking for something specific. Therefore, your image will probably be more effective if it relates to the topic of that page.

Sometimes it may be helpful to scan the images that other businesses are using on a page. Then think about what image you could use that could stand out from the crowd and grab the viewer’s attention.

Ad Copy

For the Large and Small Photo Ads you can use up to 50 words to describe your business. We suggest customizing your ad copy for the page upon which it will appear. For example, for the Amish Furniture page you’ll want to emphasize that your furniture is made by Amish craftsmen. For the Family Attractions page you’ll want to describe the fun activities you offer to families. Make your ad copy relevant to the page upon which it will appear in order to better target the people visiting that page.

Please Avoid the Same Ad Copy for Multiple Ads

Please avoid using the same ad description in multiple ads. And please don’t use the same exact wording that may appear elsewhere on your own website or on another website.

Google does not like the same block of text appearing on different web pages or web sites. Since they are such a dominant search engine, we want to keep them happy! They have actually penalized web pages and websites that post duplicate content. So, if you avoid duplicate content in all your business marketing across all websites, it is in your own best interest, too.


If you are creating a new coupon and would like us to design it, here is the information we will need:

  • The specific terms of your offer
  • Any restrictions for its use (such as one per family or cannot be combined with other offers)
  • The expiration date

If you want to include other wording about your business, we can include that alongside the coupon. If you have multiple businesses, please clarify which business(es) the coupon applies to. You are welcome to review other coupons on our website for ideas.

If you want to design your own coupon for us to use, that’s fine. Please keep it no wider than 325 pixels.

Business Pages

We are preparing Business Pages for each business that advertises on These pages run between 200 and 500 words and include 2-4 photos.

If we already have a business page created for you, please critique it to make sure everything is correct.

If we do not have a page created for you yet, you are welcome to send us copy to use as a starting point for your page. All pages are written in the third person (using ‘they’, not ‘we’). You can email us photos to use as well. That would help us get your page up quicker.  Thanks!

If You Upgrade Your Own Website

Periodically most businesses upgrade or completely overhaul their websites. If you change your site, PLEASE let us know.  Countless times our customers have overhauled their websites, changed their page URL’s, and didn’t tell us – and our links to them not longer worked properly!

Please let us know when you make a website change. We’ll then double check all our site links to your site to make sure they work properly.  There is no charge for this.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Gordy – 717-205-2349
Austin – 717-330-1850
Jen – 717-205-2368