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How to Embed Google Panoramic Images into your Website

At the top of this page we embedded the panoramic virtual tour for Olio Olive Oils and Balsamics. You can follow the steps below to embed your panoramic images into your web page.

1. Locate the Panoramic Virtual Tour of the Business

Go to the business’ Google Local page. Then click on the “See Inside” link to go to the panoramic virtual tour of the business. Google Local Page - See Inside


2. You Want the Classic Google Maps View

If you’re in Classic Google Maps view, you should see a couple buttons to the left of the panoramic image. If you see these, you can skip down to step 4 below. If the panoramic image you see is the full width of the screen with still photos below (like you see here), you are in the New Google Maps format. You want to go to Classic Google Maps. Google Maps New View

3. Click on the Question Mark

In the lower right corner of the screen you’ll see a small question mark icon.  Click on that icon. In the dialogue box that opens, click on the option to “Return to classic Google Maps.” New Google Maps Close-up

4. Now you’re in Classic Google Maps.

Classic Google Maps should appear like the image you see here. Google Maps Classic View

5. Select the Panoramic View You Want to Embed

Now, move around the virtual tour and select the particular panoramic image you want to show on your website.

6. Click on the Link Button

Just to the left of the panoramic image you’ll see two buttons. Click on the button with the image of a chain on it.Link Button

7. Copy and Paste the Embed Code

When you click that button a dialogue box will open. The first line of code is the URL you would use to email the panoramic tour to someone.

To preview the panoramic image for your website, click on the phrase “Customize and preview embedded map”.  This will open another window and show you what the image will look like. At the top of that screen you can customize the width or height of the final image. Then just copy and paste the displayed  code into the backend of your web page where you want the panoramic image to appear.
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Still Need a Panoramic Virtual Tour for Your Business?

Give Action Video a call at 717-205-2349 and we’ll be glad to discuss with you how your own panoramic virtual tour might help your business.  You’ll like the results!

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