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Google Street View Technology for Businesses

Google Business View uses their state-of-the-art technology to stitch together HDR panoramic images into a virtual tour of a business. This is similar to Google Street View. Through a series of connected 360-degree panoramic images, users will be able to “walk around” and explore the interior of your business. They’ll be able to view your merchandise displays, see your dining room, and better understand all the unique features you have to offer. They’ll almost be able to visualize being there themselves, and will be one step closer to doing business with you. It’s a fun way to let potential customers see what you’re all about.

This Works on Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones

Getting customers to visit you that first time can be a real challenge. This technology will enable your prospects to step inside and take a quick tour of your business no matter where they are. It helps people see and trust your business before they buy.

See How Someone Would Visit Your Business Online

The following video shows how a customer might use Google Business View to check out your store or restaurant to see if they want to visit you. Notice how this panorama connects directly to Google Street View and takes prospects right inside the front door. Customers follow the directional arrows throughout the store, and at any point along the way they can pan around 360 degrees, back track, and can even zoom in to look closer at items of interest.

What is Included in Google Business View?

For a one-time price starting as low as $250-450 for a small business, we will shoot a series of panoramic images starting at your front door and proceeding through your business. Also included in this price are a number of still photos of your business.

Five Benefits for the Price of One

Once your panoramic and still photos have been uploaded, they can be used in up to five different ways to help promote your business, all for the one low price: Google Search Results – When people search for you in Google, the search results appear in the left column. The right column will include your map location, a link to still photos of your business (‘See Photos’), and a link to your own custom 360-degree panoramic business tour (‘See Inside’). Here are examples:

Google Maps – From now on you will no longer be just another marker on a map. On the left side of the map users will be able to click on a link to view your panoramic virtual tour:

Google + Page – Your panoramic tour and still photos will be added to your Google + page:

Your Own Website – You can also add the panoramas and still shots to your own website:

LancasterPA.com – If you are a local business, we can also include these images on your company page within this website, and include free links to your website for one year.

More Sample Panoramas:


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