Amish Grace and Forgiveness

Amish Girls Shot in an Amish School

Following the tragic Amish school shooting of 10 young schoolgirls in a one-room Amish school in October 2006, reporters from throughout the world invaded Lancaster County, PA to cover the story. (You can read the full story of the Amish school shooting here.)  However, in the hours and days following the shooting a different, an unexpected story developed.

Amish Forgiveness in Response to School Shooting

In the midst of their grief over this shocking loss, the Amish community didn’t cast blame, they didn’t point fingers, they didn’t hold a press conference with attorneys at their sides. Instead, they reached out with grace and compassion toward the killer’s family.

The afternoon of the shooting an Amish grandfather of one of the girls who was killed expressed forgiveness toward the killer, Charles Roberts. That same day Amish neighbors visited the Roberts family to comfort them in their sorrow and pain.

Later that week the Roberts family was invited to the funeral of one of the Amish girls who had been killed. And Amish mourners outnumbered the non-Amish at Charles Roberts’ funeral.

It’s ironic that the killer was tormented for nine years by the pre-mature death of his young daughter. He never forgave God for her death. Yet, after he cold-bloodedly shot 10 innocent Amish school girls, the Amish almost immediately forgave him and showed compassion toward his family.

In a world at war and in a society that often points fingers and blames others, this reaction was unheard of. Many reporters and interested followers of the story asked, “How could they forgive such a terrible, unprovoked act of violence against innocent lives?”

What Does the Bible Say About Forgiveness?

The Amish culture closely follows the teachings of Jesus, who taught his followers to forgive one another, to place the needs of others before themselves, and to rest in the knowledge that God is still in control and can bring good out of any situation. Love and compassion toward others is to be life’s theme. Vengeance and revenge is to be left to God.

Read through some of the passages regarding Biblical forgiveness and love toward others and you’ll better understand how the Amish were able to forgive.

All of Lancaster County mourns the loss of these young girls and the terrible affect this has had on so many lives. We request your prayers for the families of the children who died, as well as those children and adults who have lived through this terrible ordeal. We also ask your prayers for the wife and three young children of the man who committed this senseless act. They, too, will have to live with this for the rest of their lives.

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  1. Ilona abbott says:

    I’ve recently come upon this website n came to the section on the amish shooting. I do remember it but with all violence I see on the news, as in this tragidy, I did not follow it since I knew it would b upsetting. I just now read the article. How terribly awful for the family’s n victims! And for the amish to forgive as the bible says- completely unheard of to wordly people. Of all the Christians I have herd speak of God or the bible, different religions,, in my opinion the amish are the true Christians. I admire them for they’re beliefs and way of life.

  2. I watched the movie Amazing Grace tonight and it has left an everlasting impression! I strive daily to be a good person and Try not to hold onto Hatred. After watching what happen in the community and what examples of Christ they shown is something I will forever hold onto and make my inspiration to live by no matter what happens in this lifetime

  3. They follow what Christ teaches it says, what an example to me and others as to how we should always be. God smiled when he saw this example of forgiveness and compassion.

  4. Marco A Cuando says:

    Wow a shocking story, but true. I admire the way the Amish people forgave the murderer.
    This is really Christ example of Forgiveness and Compassion. God bless this beautiful people.

  5. Cecil K says:

    I very much appreciate reading this article about this tragedy in the Amish community and how they choose to rise above bitterness and chose forgiveness and compassion.

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