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Amish Products have a reputation for fine quality and craftsmanship. The Amish often combine modern processes with old-word craftsmanship to produce quality Amish-made furniture (both indoor and outdoor furniture), Amish quilts, and a wide variety of other hand-crafted products.

You’ll find a wide variety of Amish-made merchandise from the Amish and the “English” retailers below.

Dutch Legacy Co.

Winesburg, OH, 44690

Dutch Legacy Co. is the original manufacturer of the Amish fireplace. We build our heater mantels in Amish country (Winesburg, Ohio), striving to make them last for years to come. Customer service is our first priority and we guarantee satisfaction with your next Amish heater.  Visit website


One Lehman Circle, P.O. Box 270, Kidron, OH 44636, 888-438-5346

Jay Lehman and his family have been providing simple products for a simpler life since 1955.  Think it isn’t made any more?  Check with us before you give up – hand tools, gardening supplies, USA made toys, oil lamps, food preservation products and much more. Visit website

Amish Books & Videos

Choose from a wide selection of Amish non-fiction books, Amish fiction, Amish romance novels, videos, and information about Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Visit store


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